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Friday, May 22, 2009

More fun at the elevator

Although the big crane that impressed me so much is not longer at the elevator, there still is a bucket vehicle (I am not sure what you should call it) that is helping the workers replace parts and paint old ones. This is an unusual vehicle because it can be driven from the bucket. I do not see any controls on the base, so maybe it can only be driven from the bucket.
A few days ago I saw it extended to reach the top of the elevators. The arm telescopes out--note the much greater extension of the low part of the arm in the picture below as compared to the picture above. I wonder how much more it can extend.Below is a closer look at the top of the arm. It took a while for me to notice that there was also a worker doing something up on the metal tower near the top of the picture below.
So I walked around to get a different angle. A person with acrophobia would not be very good doing this job.

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The DIYer said...

That's pretty darn high. It's amazing how much those cranes can extend their arms.