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Friday, April 24, 2009

The big crane

Last week there was a crane assisting in work repairing or upgrading the equipment on the elevator. It was really quite a marvelous machine. It was sort of like the transformer toys that my kids used to play with. It could change shapes and become something very different from its original shape. Below is a picture of the crane when it was finished with its job and getting ready to leave.
I also caught it one morning as it was getting ready to go to work. It had raised its arm and was extending it. The arm telescoped out.
So after a few minutes the arm had become quite long, and it was still extending. When it was finished extending, there was a further extension that was attached. Fully extended and with a final attachment, it was much taller than the grain elevator.
I am not sure what they were doing, but a lot of rusted metal pipes and fittings were on the ground, so I assume those had been removed.
Do any of you readers know what they have been doing at the elevator? Or do you expect me to ask?

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Sheila said...

I remember every Christmas when I was growing up, they'd put a Christmas tree on top...I don't think they do that anymore.