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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tree removal

The Rensselaer Republican beat me to the story of the removal of the tree blocking the river between Weston Cemetery and Iroquois Park. I had reported on this tree in several posts, such as here and here. Below is a picture of a backhoe that has started the process of tree removal. This is not to be confused with another backhoe at the site of the other tree across the river, the one between Weston Cemetery and Bicentennial Park. (Actually, the tree may be a bit beyond the cemetery boundry.)
And then the blockage was gone and the river flowed free again, or at least until it hit the tree a third of a mile downstream.

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The DIYer said...

Are you now competing with the local paper for bringing the news to light? Maybe they can hire you to do a "Rensselaer Adventures" once a week article.