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Monday, May 4, 2009

Backhoes and more

Last week I wrote posts about spring. Later this week I will write about the town-wide garage sale and bulk pickup. Today I am going to write about many things that involve heavy equipment such as backhoes.

Our first backhoe adventure is near Monnett School where progress is being made on the alternative school. The last time we looked the limestone base had not been dumped.
The tree blocking the river between Bicentennial Park and Weston Cemetery has received someone's attention. Last week there was a start in removing it, but then several days of nothing.
The view above is from the Bicentennial Park side of the river. The view below is from the Weston Cemetery side.
Going north into Brookside Park, there has been a roller parked by the soccer field for almost a week. I have no idea why it is there.
A couple of weeks ago the sidewalk along Kellner was ripped up. The power saw this workman was using raised a lot of dust.
There is a backhoe connection to this picture, because the truck in the picture was being loaded with cement slabs of sidewalk, as the picture below shows.

The bank renovation has moved indoors. A couple weeks ago I saw a delivery of paneling or drywall.
They had a lift on the trucks to move it off the truck into position so the workers could get it inside.
Over on Melville there is some activity in the block that someone told me was going to be duplexes.

Nothing was happening at the hospital construction site. All the work is now interior. I guess I should stop taking pictures and wait for the grand opening, but I liked the foreground of the backhoe buckets.
By chance I happened upon the first delivery of water pipe for the water-main construction that will add the new well to the city's water system.The workers had not begun to unload the pipes when I was there. Expect more on this project as later.

There are a few other construction projects that I have noticed, but this is enough for this post.

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