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Saturday, May 9, 2009

What is that? (Shopping the Town-wide garage sale (3 of 3))

A mere week ago we "celebrated" the town-wide yard sale, and I have saved the best for last. Mooo.
I did not have to ask what the saws were, but they are not something you see at many yard sales. DIYER at Duae Manus would probably like them.
I did not know what the bear was for until I walked around to its front. Then all the holes in it told me it was an archery target.
I had to get up close and look at this ladder to figure out that it belonged in a swimming pool. I thought it would be the only one I would see, but I was wrong. Another sale had one, though it was a bit smaller. (And then I saw still another out for bulk pickup.)
I was also able to figure out that this strange fish was a toy for a toddler. I had never seen one like this before, but then I the current crop of kids toys is very different from what was available when my children were small.
The skeleton, which moved and probably also made sounds, was at the same sale as the Frankenstein. You probably know what this netty thing is in the picture below, but I had to ask. It goes over a little girls bed. Does that make it a princess bed?
When I asked about these two machines, I was told they were squirrel cages. I then had to ask what a squirrel cage was and found that they were a type of fan for moving air in buildings. (Hence, when I saw one several days later on the curb at another house for bulk pickup, I knew what it was. I was going to go back and take a picture, but it was gone when I went back the second time.)
I asked what this was and was told, but I do not remember what the answer was. It is something that goes on a car engine to make the car go faster.
I never did ask on this contraption. It is electronic and seems to be music related.
If you did not go to the town-wide garage sales, aren't you sorry you missed them? And if you did go, are you already planning for next-year's sale?


30-year-refugee said...

the musical contraption would appear to be a drum synthesizer, but given i know virtually nothing about music, don't take my word for it. just like a keyboard, why drag a drum kit around when you can bring a light-weight alternative.

Anonymous said...

The musical contraption is just an electric drum kit and a cheap-looking one at that.

My husband's a drummer. My father-in-law, also a drummer, has been using my husband's [very good] electric drum kit for his gigs. His father plays drums for a banjo troop at an Old South-type diner place along the river down here in Florida. It's a lot easier to transport a light-weight electric kit than it is to disassemble and reassemble a full drum kit every week.

If the thing actually works, it'd be a nice play-around toy for a kid to discover if they're interested in percussion.

- Elle