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Monday, August 17, 2009

Art in the Alley 2009

I visited the 2009 edition of Art in the Alley. It was pretty much like the 2008 edition. I did not visit all the galleries this year, and I probably should have. Rather I wandered the alley to find the food.
The crowd seemed smaller this year.
I sat and talked with some people I knew. The court house seemed to be posing, so I snapped a photo.
The sun set and the lightening changed. By now the beer garden was doing a good business.
The conversation was so interesting that time flew by. In addition, the live music was enjoyable. I tried to get a picture of the court house lit at night, but I have not read that part of the manual, so I do not know if I can do better than what is below.After a couple of hours, it was time to go. During the day this alley looks dingy, but lit up for Art in the Alley, it almost looked mysterious and romantic.

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