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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Foggy mornings

In late summer and early fall we get more foggy mornings and more mornings with heavy dew. On one morning not too long ago, Brookside Park was in a cloud. If school had been in session, there would have been a fog delay.
A heavy dew can highlight spider webs. This one was by Owen Street.
Here is a closer look. They show up best when you are a ways away, and as you get close, they are less obvious.
The dew also highlighted a great many ground webs like the one below. Someone who knows spiders would be able to tell what species lived here just from the web.
I like to see spider webs in my garden, as well as wasps and toads. It is good to have bug assassins working for me. The wasps are especially good at controlling the cabbage worms--the larvae of the white butterflies.

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