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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Park benches

Sometime in the last few weeks, a new park bench was installed in Milroy Park. It has a dedication plaque on it:
In memory of Matthew J Gembala
Rensselaer Lion's Club
(Matthew Gembala was a pharmacist at CVS and its predecessor stores for many years. He died in 2006.)
There is also a bench in Austin Park, the park's first bench. It has no dedication plaque, but it does have a light post as a companion.
If you compare the plan for Austin Park on the sign in the park with the map in the consultant's report, you will notice that in the original plan the two buildings on the left in the picture below are not in the park, but in the consultant's report they are. (The picture is looking across College Avenue from the south end of Iroquois Park during the March 2009 flood.) Steve Marzke told me that the city now owns the yellow house, which was seriously flooded early this year as the picture below shows, but has not yet bought the commercial building to its left. With the addition of that bit of property, Iroquois and Austin Parks will appear as one big park with a busy street going through it.

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