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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The pool is closing

Another summer swimming season as the LaRue pool is almost complete. Today is the last weekday that it will be open (the local schools start classes tomorrow), but it will still be open for weekends during the rest of August.

The attendance seemed to be low this year. Perhaps it is because we had a very cool summer, with few days in the 90s. There were cool days when less than ten people came to the pool. There was one cold and rainy day on which only one person came to the pool.* Another reason for the poor attendance may be the increased number of pools in backyards. Within a hundred yards of the LaRue pool are two pools in back yards, and there are at least two more within another few hundred yards. As backyard pools have gotten cheaper, more people have put them in. Finally, maybe the pool needs to be a bit more creative in pricing.


*Thank you, lifeguards, for not closing on that day until I swam.


jeffsgal212 said...

We recently visited friends (formerly from Rensselaer) in Indianapolis who took us to one of the city's MANY splash parks - a regular park (like Brookside) with a water area engineered for water play, not swimming. Water shooting from rocks, streaming out of giant flowers that tower overhead, sprinkling water everywhere. It is GRAND. The kids have so much fun...the best part is watching their surprise when water sprays them seemingtly from nowhere! She asked why Rensselaer doesn't have a splash park...I have no idea. The pool is so expensive to run, repairs seem to be numerous, and requires lifeguards - another expense. I would love to see something like this in our town!

30-year refugee said...

haven't had many hot days this summer in minnesota, either. it didn't hit 90 degrees once in july here in the twin cities....highly unusual. we had 97 one day in may, but not even 90 once in july. one week in mid-july we had record low high temperatures. i don't think we hit 65 one day. very strange.