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Friday, August 28, 2009

Remington's Old Water Tank

I got a chance to stop in Remington a week ago and took a bunch of pictures. Naturally, I took pictures of their old water tower, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and also has one of the Indiana State Historical Markers. Below is the watertower viewed from the small downtown area of Remington.
Here is a closer view. The water tower is no longer in use.
I took a picture of the historical marker, and when I got home I realized that I only had the back side. I found a picture of the front side on the Internet. The entire plaque reads:
Side one:
Built 1897 by Challenge Wind and Feed Mill Company of Batavia, Illinois. Rare tower and wood tank structure is an original example of nineteenth century public water utility facility, construction methods, and technology. Tower has limestone foundation, is 104 feet tall and approximately 20 feet in diameter, with two-foot thick brick walls.
Side two:
Original 1897 tank replaced 1924 by Challenge; 66, 000 gallon tank is made of horizontally curved cypress battens held in place by metal binder rings. Additions made to structure, which has housed various governmental services. Awarded American Water Works Association's Water Landmark Award 1986. Listed in National Register of Historic Places 2003.
Above the door to the water tower is the old plaque that was installed when it was built. It reads:
Remington Indiana Waterworks 1897 Town Board J. Allman, Pres. I.W. Yeoman, Clerk
Aldermen O.P. Tabor W. Shepard C. T. Denham M.J. Phelps
Built by Challenge Wind Mill & Feed Mill Co Batavia, Ill.

And old windowsill is showing its age as the limestone deteriorates.
Looking up from the base, you can a stairs that emerges from the tower and an old bell.

If you stand by the base and look up when the clouds are moving, the tower seems to be falling.

It is nice that Remington was able to preserve this unusual old building. It gives the town some character.


Anonymous said...

I love that old water tower. This is an historic site that was a state register prior to being on the national register.

Richelle Loughney said...

The old water tower does give the town some character. I salute them for taking good care of this landmark. Even though it's not in use anymore, the structure looks like it’s still brand new and in good condition. Hopefully, they can find a way to make this tower to store water again.