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Monday, August 24, 2009

Rensselaer's wind farm

I found a wind farm of sorts just a few miles from Rensselaer. Drive out Bunkum Road and shortly before you get to the overpass for the interstate, you will see a collection of old windmills. I count eight in this picture, but in another from a different angle, I could count nine.
I wish the construction of the big wind farms were closer, because if we were, I would be taking pictures almost every day. Here is one that I took from the interstate on the day I had a dental appointment in Lafayette. This wind farm is west of Brookston, and I took the picture from I-65. I wanted to take SR 43 up through Brookston and then take highway 18 over to the interstate, which would have taken me through the towers, but the exit ramp for SR43 was closed. If it had been open, I would have gotten a lot more pictures.


Sheila said...

The size of the new windmills by I-65 are incredible!

Anonymous said...

What a sight! We look forward to it whenever we travel to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

What is the pupose of these airpland looking windmills??

Anonymous said...


Dessert Survivor said...

"What is the pupose of these airpland looking windmills??"

Do you mean the large windmills that stretch for thirty miles from Brookston, IN to Sheldon, IL? They are an expensive, inefficient, and unreliable method of generating electricity. They are popping up all over because the federal government subsidizes them. Although that government policy may not be good for the country as a whole, it is great for the local farmers and the local economy.