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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rescue or eviction?

I was given a tip about a photo opportunity recently--a young raccoon was in one of the garbage cans in Weston Cemetery. I found it and woke it up. I do not know if these little guys are able to get out of the garbage cans, so I dumped it over to let it escape.

It did not want to come out. I kicked the bottom a while, and it still did not want to come out. So I rolled the can back and forth. That got results. The raccoon came out and glared at me and then wanted to retreat back into the safety of the can. I eventually persuaded it to leave the can. It decided to climb the tree, but did not seem to be doing very well. It got up about ten feet and fell off the tree. Maybe I should not have woken it. It tried again, and this time did much better, getting up high enough so I lost interest.
I am not sure whether I rescued this animal from a trap or I evicted it from its home. What do you think?

(Speaking of evicting animals, I have a flock of sparrows that are roosting at night in the ivy on the back of my house. I definitely do not want them there. Any suggestions for ways to make them leave? I may also have a raccoon sleeping in the attic of my garage. What is the best way to evict raccoons from garage attics?)


Anonymous said...

fire, and lots of it.


Anonymous said...

Airsoft pellet gun

Sheila said...

Great story with a happy ending!

flatbow said...

Around these parts a 'coon stuck in a trash barrel is called "easy fixins."