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Thursday, August 13, 2009

School days

The window in the Jasper County Historical Society has a display titled "School Days." Summer is ending, and students are eagerly or reluctantly going back to school.

I, too, will take another lap around the old school routine and, as a result, the amount of blogging I will be doing in the next few months is going to drop. I have been posting every day, some times more than once a day, for several months. I cannot keep up that pace given my need to attend to other tasks. Expect shorter posts and fewer posts.
This summer I spent a few days babysitting in Bedford, Indiana. While there I wandered the halls of the Stalker Elementary School and was amused by some of the signs I saw. The drinking fountains, for example, had lots of rules.
Another had slightly different rules. I wonder if the inconsistency from drinking fountain to drinking fountain confused students.
I was especially amused by the "We are a 'bully free' school" sign. It may seem a noble goal, but there is no way that a group of kids will not produce bullies. If you take all the kids who are bullied and hate bullies and put them together, new bullies emerge. I saw that process when I was a camp counselor.
I have not been in the Rensselaer grade schools for long time. Do they have signs like these?

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