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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shopping at AutoZone

Recently one of my windshield wipers began to disintegrate. I needed to replace it, so I took a trip to AutoZone, one of three auto parts stores in Rensselaer. The other two are NAPA Auto Parts south of Wal-Mart, and Standard Auto Parts on North McKinley. (What does it say about Rensselaer that it supports three auto parts stores?) The local AutoZone store is in the building that previously was the Hooks-Revco-CVS drug store. It opened in this building after CVS moved into its new store. Ironically, the new CVS store is located on the lot that previously had the NAPA Auto Parts store, which meant it needed to move.
Before I purchased a new wiper blade, I decided to look around the store and take some pictures. I was impressed with how neatly organized it was.
When I saw their battery section, I thought of my son who not long ago had to replace a battery on the old car he recently purchased. He bought it at his local Wal-Mart and lugged it three miles.
The grouping of different brands gives the store bigger blocks of single colors than other retail stores, such as drug stores have. These were filters, probably air filters.Several of my sons change their own oil. AutoZone seems to have a large selection of different brands and types.
The store also carries decorative items like these hub caps.
I think these were steering wheel covers. On the bottom are floor mats, another "repair" I could do.
I finally found the wiper blades, but I did not buy one of these. Instead I went to the service desk and asked for help. Like most clerks in supply stores, the clerk was very helpful, even putting the new wiper blade in the wiper holder that I had brought to make sure I got the right size blade.
Installing a new wiper blade is about as complex an auto repair that I am capable of making. For almost everything else, I take my car to Marvin at Jack's Uptown Service.


Anonymous said...

Autozone has eaten more than 1 paycheck.


Anonymous said...

Autozone saved me quite a bit of $ helping diagnose problems with a past clunker. The check auto light would come on, they'd tell me why, and I was able to ignore or fix whatever was wrong, skipping the mechanic. Thanks, Autozone!