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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


From a book review:
About 25 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 50 sport tattoos, says the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, and that percentage is only going to increase as everyone from Angelina Jolie (who has scripted the longitude and latitude of her adopted children's birthplaces on her body) to Mike Tyson (portraits of Che and Mao complement a warrior face stencil) keeps upping the ante.
I wonder what the percent is in Jasper County. I would guess it is higher.

My favorite line in the review:
Musing on dozens of cases of surprise tattoos gone wrong, Johnson notes, "It's amazing how many people can't spell their spouse's name."


flatbow said...

"It's amazing how many people can't spell their spouse's name."

Haha, I always laugh (and cringe) when I see the many "fail" pictures floating around the internet with misspelled tattoos. You'd think if you are going to get something that is semi-permanent you would take the time to proof it before going ahead with the project.

Anonymous said...

It's also pretty humorous the number of people who get a tattoo and realize too late how stupid their tattoo is. I have a friend who got a Celtic cross tattooed on his arm (full length and width of his upper arm) who later decided to become Jewish. And of course there's the lovely story of my brother who drunkenly decided with his drunken union brothers to get their union number tattooed on their a drunken tattoo artist...who couldn't get the numbers in a straight line.
I have to admit, I have a couple very inconspicuous tattoos, but both were extremely well thought out, designed by myself, and planned months in advance in order to help assure I wouldn't regret them in the future!