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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fortnightly shopping at the old Schumachers

About a month ago there was a ad in the Rensselaer Republican about a big indoor yard sale in the old Schumacher Electric building. I meant to go but forgot in a rush of other activities. However, it turns out that the sale is biweekly. (Biweekly has two meanings--twice a week, and once every two weeks. That makes the word pretty much useless, doesn't it? The sale occurs every other week. The next one should be November 7. (Update--make that Nov 6 and Nov 7--both Friday and Saturday.)
One reason I wanted to go was to see the inside of the building. It is divided into bays. In the front bay are some cars. The owner of the building owned the local Chrysler dealership after Heuring but before the last owner who closed up the business.
Behind that are two bays that are currently being used for the sale every two weeks. The first of them is the smaller of the two.
Most of the third bay is occupied by Jasper Junction selling stuff they do not have room for at their regular store. It is very cheap--much of it is $1.00 a bag. They also have some furniture and larger items that cost a bit more. As any flea market, there is a large variety of things available.
Here is a closer look at the stuff on the tables. The light was very poor and it was hard to get good pictures.
There is quite a bit of office furniture for sale. And do you need a church pew. This one came out of the Church of the Nazarene when they remodeled (they replaced the pews with chairs), and Jasper Junction bought them all. This is the last one left. (It may be gone by the time you get there.)
There are three more bays behind this one and they are rented to trucking companies for storage.

The fortnightly flea market will continue as long as the weather permits (it will eventually get pretty cold in there.) CDC would like to rent space to people who want to set up their own booths or hold a garage sale. I am not sure who to call, but you can probably find out by calling Jasper Junction.

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