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Monday, November 23, 2009

High School Construction nearing an end

It has been over a month since a post on high school construction. In that time most of the remaining work seems to have been finished. It took about a month to lay the bricks. The picture below was taken on October 22. Note the large metal machine that is is either for heating or cooling or maybe both. (Update--a commenter said it was a dehumidifier to prevent the problem that necessitated the repair from reoccurring.)

By November 5 the bricks were almost all in place on the eastern end of the building. The masons were still laying bricks on the north.

On November 12 the scaffolding was gone and workers were spraying something on the building. Maybe it was only water to wash the new bricks.

Although the outside was still under construction, the pool inside had water and looked ready for use.

On November 19 there were just a few spots left that needed bricks. Masons were now enclosing the heating or cooling equipment in a concrete block enclosure, which will probably be faced with bricks. It looked like the work was almost done.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the additional building (room) on the east side houses the new dehumidifier to keep the humidity problem from reoccuring.

reMark said...

As promised, the contractor, Larson Danielson had the pool operational before the first swim meet. The biggest hitch of the event was the lack of a flag in the pool area since the wall that was removed and replaced (very nicely), was the wall where the flag was located.

The substance they were spraying on the bricks was a sealant. In the original plans, the bricks were to be stained to match the original brick colors from RCHS. The school corporation decided the color matched close enough and asked for a credit of the staining. A wise move on their part.