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Saturday, November 7, 2009

More airport obsession

When we last left the Jasper County Airport, the runway was being painted and was due to open the next day, a Friday. On Saturday the runway was painted and open, and the landing lights were on.
There was still a lot of construction activity, but it was on the taxiway, which had a machine removing a layer of asphalt to prepare the taxiway for a new surface.

On the following Tuesday (Nov 3), the equipment was near the south end of the taxiway. A person I talk to said that they would be scraping the area in which the plane below was parked the next day, and they might be done with repaving by the end of the week. They certainly have moved fast on this project.
A while back a post suggested that the new surface for the road leading into the fairgrounds came from the Melville Street project. Now I suspect most or all of it came from the airport project. I visited the fairgrounds to see how many people were getting their H1N1 shot, and was told that I could not take pictures and if I did not want to get a shot, I had to leave. There were a lot of cars, and a lot of police officers directing traffic. It seemed a little incongruous to see so many police officers, and so much regimentation, at a medical event. (I hope everyone else gets their shots so they will not spread the flu to me. I am content to free ride.)
All the roads in the fairgrounds that did not have an asphalt surface now have a layer or two of recycled runway. There seems to have been a lot of material to dispose of.

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