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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New store: Sue's Special Occasions

I got an e-mail that told me to check out the old Heritage Office building (also the old Dreamer's Solution, Whippersnaps, and  a palm reader) because a new business was going in.

This morning I stopped by and found that on November 13 a new business, Sue's Special Occasions, had opened.
I was invited in and talked to Sue. Right now her store looks very empty, but she will soon be selling greeting cards and the card racks will fill up some of the empty space. I asked if that would not put her into competition with Heritage next door, but she said they no longer sell cards. (Someone else told me that they had not been in the card business for a long time--I have not been in Heritage for a while.) Wal-mart, Walgreens, and Family Dollar currently sell greeting cards.
The walls are lined with Mylar balloons for all occasions. She will be competing with Jordan's in that business, as she will in the delivery of roses.

If you are going to sell helium balloons, you need helium. She gets that from a supply source in Lafayette. (I ask strange questions.) One tank should last a month.
The sign on the door says the store will be open 9-6 weekdays and noon to 4 weekends. She will have an open house on November 27 from noon to 4 with a Santa so kids can give him the complete list of their Christmas demands.

I wish her well in her new endeavor.

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