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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paul Nachtigall

A few weeks ago I received a letter from someone who had found this picture and brief description of the Fr. Siefert statue at SJC.
I am doing some personal research and saw your articles about collegiate statues. My great-grandfather, Paul F. Nachtigall, carved the statue of Fr. Augustine Seifert that was commissioned by A.M. Strauss. (He also did the ornamental plaster work inside several historic buildings in Fort Wayne, including the Embassy Theatre, formerly "The Emboyd". (see attached article) I suspect he carved some of the other statues and monuments referenced in your articles, but I don't have any specific information. I'm curious to know if you know the names of the sculptor(s) who did some of the other work. He did quite a bit of bas-relief work, so I'm curious to know if he carved the stations of the cross.

If there are any statues with unknown sculptors, I'd like to do a little research to see if they could be my great-grandfather's work.

I would appreciate any information you can share. Thank you!

If anyone knows anything, please comment.

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