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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Plaque or park?

In the Countryside Subdivision just east of Rensselaer there is a small pond with a bench that overlooks it. It looks a lot like a park. Maybe it is one.
Under the bench is a plaque, and since I have been collecting plaques, I thought I would include it. (There are also plaques by some of the small trees, but there at some point I have to draw the line what to include, and I decided that they are too small and obscure to include.
Because we live on such flat land, quite a few retention basins have been constructed in recent years. Some are fenced in, others not. But they do seem to be a new kind of wetland that is providing habitat for some kinds of plants and birds. A post on them would be interesting, but right now I do not know enought to write it.

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