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Monday, December 14, 2009

Slice of Pie Pizza: Opening soon?

One of the last renovation tasks that the new Slice of Pie Pizza restaurant had to complete was replacing glass in its big windows. They did that on Dec 3.

I checked in last week and they were almost ready to open. They had passed the health department inspection and had the certificate they needed to run a restaurant. They were taste-testing items from the menu to see what changes they might want to make. One of these days, maybe one of the days this week, the paper will be off the door behind the truck in the picture above and an open sign will be in a window. Expect a quiet opening--they may still have a few bugs (probably not a good choice of words for describing a restaurant) to work out. The interior, by the way, looks great. They will be a nice addition to the Rensselaer restaurant scene.

Parking will be a problem. If you stop by, consider parking on Austin. There is a lot of parking there, and the city has some nice Christmas decorations installed there this year.

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Anonymous said...

We have been here twice and each time the food was AWESOME......We had a long wait each time but it was worth it...GREAT garlic dipping sauce.. Will be back!!!!