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Friday, March 26, 2010

Monon Plaque

Monon has a historical marker just south of its downtown:
It reads:
Monon-Intersection of the New Albany and Salem (org. 1847) and the Indianapolis, Delphi and Chicago (1878) railroads. These roads later merged to become "The Monon Route, " Indiana's beloved "Hoosier Line," and provided over a century of passenger service to the state. The "Monon" was known nationwide for fine passenger and dining service until 1967. One of the first 1st class railroads to completely dieselize (1947), it merged with the Louisville & Nashville (L&N) July 30, 1971.
Next to the marker is a caboose and an old railroad baggage wagon. These seem to be owned by the Monon Connection.

Across the street from the little park that contains the plaque is Monon's water tower. The stairs to the top looks like it would be quite a challenge to climb, especially if you have acrophobia.
There are only four of these historical plaques in White County. One of them is at the Wolcott House.

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You are quite a teacher. We learn bits of history from you often. Thank you.