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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Wolcott House

A few weeks ago while driving through Wolcott, I stopped to read the historical marker for the Wolcott House.
The marker reads:
This gracious Italianate home was built c. 1859 by Anson Wolcott, land baron, businessman, attorney, and founder of the town of Wolcott. The plans were drawn by Architect T. Tilly of Chicago. Three generations of the Wolcott family were culturally and politically influential in Indiana and have contributed much to this state.
The building is listed on the National Register for Historic Places. There are tours available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 until 2. I recall that I was in the building many, many years ago, but I do not remember anything about it. Click here for lots more information about the house and the man who built it.Next to the W0lcott House is tastefully done war memorial. I do not recall seeing it before. Behind the house is the Wolcott town park.
The Wolcott House has been the site of Fourth of July fireworks for many years. I have never gone, but every year they seem to be mentioned as one of the local places with a public fireworks display.

Some day when I have more time I will have to go back and take the house tour again.

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Gene said...

I remember The Wolcott House from back before the 1980s when I lived in Rensselaer. I entered a description of it and linked to your Rensselaer Adventures site in my Daily Jounal at
Jots and Tittles Thanks for the great website.