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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Plaques at the Jasper County Fair Grounds

There are a number of plaques at the Jasper County Fair grounds. Most are tied to the historic buildings near the entrance of the grounds, and were discussed here, here, and here.

Another is on a boulder neat the flagpole on the main plaza (if I can call it that).

The plaque reads:
Presented to the people of Jasper County by the young patriots of the Jasper County Fife and Drum Corps in commemoration of our nation's bicentennial
John Ahler Barbara Gehring Kim Louck Lori Barkley Timothy Hannon Sue Luers Kerry Brown Lori Harris Shannon Miller Tammy Brown Don Hirsh Lynette Misch Lori Cramer Carrie Hittle Ron Nagel Evan Edwards Rich Hold Loryn Risner Anne-Cecile Egan Beth Jackson Jeffrey Simmons Denise DeMoss Mary Jolink Kevin Stalbaum Karrie Gargido Linda Kingma George Levesque Renel laird
Bernard and Lou Ellen Hannon, Managers
Any of you readers on the list? I remember the group playing, but it did not seem to last very long. How long did it last? Did it die after the bicentennial?

There is a granite plaque at the entrance, under the Fairgrounds sign.

It reads, "In Memory of Dorothy Skelton Board member 35 years."

There is another granite memeorial market on the main plaza, near rest rooms by the show stage. It reads:
Skeets, you were appreciated for all you contributed. In memory of Duane Houston 1934-1985 from his many friends."

The fairgrounds is a pretty big place. Did I miss any plaques out there?

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