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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In a month it will be time to head out to the county fair. One of the displays in the historical area is a windmill that actually pumps water. It has a dedication plaque that says it was donated by the Ed Byroad family.
Here is the windmill.
A mile and a half north west of this new windmill is an old one that appears to be in excellent shape.
Closer inspection, though, shows that someone apparently used it for target practice. Also, it is missing the linkage down that would attach to the well, so it no longer pumps water.
Half a mile east of the windmill above is the frame of another windmill that has lost its head. Now it is just a scenic ruin.
Meanwhile, to our south Benton County is covered with much bigger windmills. I wonder if they will creep north to Jasper County, or if Benton is blessed with wind that we lack.

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