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Monday, June 14, 2010

More signs

I have noticed a number of new signs in town. On Friday night the old National City signs were removed to unveil the new PNC Bank signs.
Verizon's new store has a sign up. I expected something bigger.
I do not know how long the sign announcing the new addition to the hospital has been up. I only saw it this week.
The Academy of Mixed Martial Arts now has a sign. It may have been there a while, but I only noticed it recently.
There is a for rent sign in the window of Land Title Agency downtown on Washington Street. Anyone know the story of what is happening?
There is a sign for a lawyer in the Chamberlin Building that was not there when I wrote about this building in January.
The LaRue Pool is open and they sure have a lot of rules. I suspect that they are the same as last year's.
 Speaking of the pool, on Monday the kiddie pool may finally open. There were some problems with plumbing.
Irene's Consignment Shop is having a 50% sale.
Finally the construction along Melville may be coming to an end. They may still have some painting to do, but it appears that the final layer of asphalt has been applied.
What interesting new signs did I miss?

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations upon having the signs of the times. This could be a regular feature for Rensselaer Adventures.