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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A new bank--sort of

Rensselaer will soon be getting a new bank--sort of. What has been National City will soon become PNC. This is, of course, old news. The conversion is supposed to happen over the June 12-13 weekend. The new signs have been installed, but are currently covered with a temporary National City banner.
If you have accounts at National City, you may find that account numbers are changing. The local National City bank has been calling people to prepare them for the change. I finally talked to them on Tuesday and they said that it would not be necessary to change the routing numbers for payments that have direct deposits.
This bank started as State Bank of Rensselaer. The building on West Washington next to Irene's Consignment Shop was once its home. It then became First of America, and had several flavors of that (First of America-Indiana, First of America Northwest Indiana.) In 1997 First of America merged with National City. And now we will soon see it as PNC.

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Anonymous said...

They are trying to be sneaky. Ha! You caught them.