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Monday, July 12, 2010

A busy Saturday 1

Perhaps because no one wants to schedule much on Fourth of July weekend, last weekend, the weekend after the 4th, was exceptionally busy. I did not make it to the Francesville's Spirit Day which is a great title for a townwide garage sale, or to the Midwest Sky Fest at the Kentland Airport. I also missed the opening day of the Newton County "Pun'kin Vine" Fair. I did get to see the dedication of the new park shelter at Brookside Park. In the picture below the JC Cruiser people are posed for the photographer for the Rensselaer Republican. In the foreground one of the JC Cruisers who is not in the picture is checking in one of the cars for the car show.
A few hours later I stopped Prairie's Edge for their pet appreciation day. I had a nice chat with one of the persons there about how people are adapting to the tough economic times and how it is affecting his business. Since I do not have a pet, my stay was pretty short.
Then it was out to the airport to see what was happening at the Fly-in at the Jasper County airport. I arrived to see one of the powered hang gliders getting ready for take-off.
A bit later it was up and sailing past the dozen or so airplanes parked north of the terminal building.
I was impressed with this tiny plane.
There is barely enough room for the pilot in this plane.
Moving along, I noticed a lot of cars parked in the fairgrounds, so I went over to see what they were doing. They had been busy getting things ready for the County Fair that will start this coming Saturday.
I did not see many of them at work because it was lunch time and all of them were lined up waiting to eat. Those of us who enjoy the various events around the area probably do not appreciate how much work goes behind the scenes to make the events possible.
Someone will be missing the shade from this tree next week. It was in the the south campgrounds near the horse arena.
There will be more in the part 2.

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