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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Closing up

It is always a bit sad seeing the closing up of the fair. This year the carnival rides left a day early. Here is what the midway looked like on Friday morning.
By 8:00 on Friday morning the commercial building was empty and the tent to its south was gone.
Lafayette Tent and Awning had a semi truck with a crew that was taking down tents. Here they are taking down the tent used by the Jasper County Soil and Conservation District.
They had already taken down most of the other tents. It looked like they had taken down the tent that Prairie's Edge used, leaving some of the contents of the tent out in the open. I thought that the tent next to it must have been one of the rare tents not owned by Lafayette Tent and Awning, but I found out later that it, too, was one of theirs. It just had a later contract.
The benches and picnic tables were stacked. In the background you can see a small loader that was being used to pull up tent stakes.
Last year I posted a video of scenes from the fair. Here is a shorter one from this year.

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