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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of rainbows

I only went out to the fair once early in the morning. On that morning the temperature had hit the dew point and the patchy fog made a little cloud just a few feet above the ground.
The clouds were much bigger on Friday night, the last night of the fair. They started building in the west after 6:00.
And soon there was a band of dark, dark clouds moving over the fairgrounds.
Along with the clouds came wind, which was not totally bad because it cooled things off. Then the rain came. (see the video here.) There were already a lot of people in the grandstand waiting for the demolition derby. They must have gotten pretty wet.
After the rain passed, the sun emerged just above the horizon and I began looking the rainbow. It was so big that it did not fit into one picture.
I hope the people who were in the grandstands enjoyed it.
There was even a bit of a double rainbow and I managed to get a picture of it.


flatbow said...

Nice photos. I especially liked the forbidding rain clouds and the rainbow shots. Being able to see fascinating cloud formations and storms far in the distance in one advantage of living in such flat lands.

Desert Survivor said...

You need to come visit, Flatbow!