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Friday, July 23, 2010

Dog days

The other day I saw this dog enjoying the water in a pool across the street from Blockbuster Video. The dog sure looked like it was enjoying the water. I imagine lots of little kids would have enjoyed it as well if their parents would let them play in it.
The dog days of summer are in July and August. Do you know, without looking it up on the Internet, why the the hot, humid days of late July and early August are called the dog days? Hint: it helps to know a bit of astronomy.

The hot and humid weather is probably really good for the corn, but I really do not like the dew points of 73 and 74 that we have been experiencing recently.

Update: The Weather Channel just said our dew point is 78, the temperature is 91, and the heat index is 106. It is time to go swimming--I hope the pool is open. Yesterday afternoon they shut down because of an "accident" someone had in the big pool.

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Anonymous said...

If you look on the kids page of the Jasper County Public Library website in August you can learn all about it. ;)