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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The fair buildings

There was at least one new building at the Jasper County Fair this year. The Psi Iota Xi sorority needed a building in order to continue its 40-year old tradition of selling cookies to raise funds for its charitable activities, and was able to raise the $2500 needed to install this small building.
Next to it you can see a new tractor, part of the Castongia John Deere display. I had never seen a tractor like it and I had to ask how much it cost. They guy I talked to said he was not a salesman so was not sure, but thought the $250,000 to $300,000 range was close. So if I sell my house, I might be able to afford the down payment.
Across the little road the Jasper County Soil and Conservation District had its tent. Next year maybe they can upgrade--the sign indicated they were ready for their own building. They were very active this year, putting on several programs. On Wednesday night they were giving away hot dogs and attracting a good crowd.
The Rensselaer Urban Forestry Council had a display in their tent, and it now has a new webpage at

Next to the tent of the Jasper County Soil and Conservation District is one of the bathrooms at the fairgrounds. I enjoyed seeing this antique bathroom fixture in it. I wonder if they make these anymore. Actually, I am a bit surprised that some government bureaucrat has not outlawed them.
I liked the food booth of Martin's Restaurant. They said that they only use it for the fair, and put it up each year.
I also liked Randy Lehman's corn booth. It is so bad that it is good.
I will miss the fair. Fifty one weeks is a long time to wait for the next one.

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