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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Following the court

On Sunday I missed a photo op because I was did not realize what I was seeing quickly enough. The fair queen and her court were given the opportunity to go up in bucket of the aerial firetruck. I did catch them as they were getting ready to dismount. I have a lot of pictures of men at heights, but I would have liked one of women at heights. Unfortunately, I missed it. (Update: I forgot about the picture here.)
A bit later I caught up to the queen and her court posing for a picture with the ladies of the Jasper County Historical Society in front of the log cabin.
Going out the back door of the Quick Cabin, I noticed a millstone. I asked about it, but none of the ladies there knew anything about it.
They also did not know anything about this pair of stones. They probably came from a building when it was demolished. If you know what it is from, leave a note in the comments.
This block is between the cabin and the Rose Bud school. I think it is from the Fendig building on the court house square that burned a number of years ago. Its former location on Washington Street is now a parking lot.

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