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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hospital walls emerging

When we last paid some attention to the hospital construction more than a month ago, it was a hole in the ground. Just a couple days after that post, the first of the foundations for the wall had been poured.

A week later the forms for the west wall were in place, and we had had a big rain. I have wondered about building making a basement in any building in Rensselaer. The hospital, though, is on a slight rise.
In early July there were men at heights doing something with air ducts, and you know what I think of men at heights.
The photo below is from July 11. The first level of the west wall is complete and the forms are heading to the east.
Here is the north basement wall from a different angle and a few days later.
By the beginning of this week most or all of the basement wall was complete.
I really liked the sign and the creative spelling. (This sign might be right for a beauty parlor, but on a construction site shouldn't it be "No Trusspassing?")
On Thursday morning a cement truck pulled in to do a pour. However, the walls are high enough so that it is hard to see what they are doing down there.
When it is all done, this is what it is supposed to look like.

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