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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Milroy was here

The Jasper County Library is getting ready for the Milroy celebration on July 4, when we celebrate the centennial of the dedication of the General Milroy statue in Milroy Park. The Jasper branch library has one of its display booths appropriately decorated.
The library will also have an open house on July 2 from 1-3. The library has a collection of Milroy artifacts that are on display, and you can see some of them on-line.
You may remember that earlier this year a fellow was  arrested for stealing things from the display case shown above. The things he took have been recovered. He had stolen them for money and had fenced them for a small fraction of their real value. Did you know  that 20 or 30 years ago some other fellow stole some of the same items. He did not sell them. His motive was that the liked them. The items were eventually recovered, but I do not think charges were ever brought. If I go to the open house tomorrow, I will ask what they know of that previous theft.

Much of the planning for the celebration on the Fourth has been done by the Jasper County Historical Society. They recently got a web presence. Take a look at it at

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Anonymous said...

Are they planning to beef up security? Or is their recovery percentage rate high enough that it is just easier to get the stuff back?