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Friday, July 2, 2010

Moving law, pulling cable

On Tuesday I noticed a new sign in front of the office that used to be a house on the intersection of College and Washington. It had been an office of Alliance Bank, but now had a sign for Tonner Law.
A sign in the door of his old office said that the move took place last weekend. By Wednesday all evidence that the Tonner Law office had been in the building was gone. I wonder if CenturyLink is planning expansion.
They were busy expanding under the streets of Rensselaer on Wednesday. Below workers are putting conduit under the alley. It was being pulled by another group a block away. I asked one of the workers who was installing the optic cable, and he said it was Century.
A week or two ago I noticed other optical cable being installed. My guess is that this was also Century, but I am not sure of that.
I did think the spray-painted notice, "Not copper No scrap" was interesting.
I am sure there are some interesting back stories here, but I do not have them. If you know more, please comment.

Update: The spool in the last two pictures may have been part of an optical line run to the library. They do not have their optical link up and running yet, but it is on the way. The worker helping with the conduit said that it was intended for the court house.

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