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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My bunny buddy

I have a bunny living in my back yard. To be more precise, I have a bunny living in my garden, and I am not really happy about that. I do not mind when it comes into the yard and munches on the clover. It can have all the clover it wants. I am less happy when it sits in the garden and munches on the garden plants. It likes newly sprouted cabbages and, which makes them a challenge to grow.
I saw it underfoot the other day and I tried to chase it out into the open, but the plant density is so great in sections that it can easily hide a couple of feet from me.
I probably should just get used to my new bunny buddy. It is quite tame and I can approach pretty close to it before it runs. And on the bright side, I do not have hooves growing in my garden like someone I know has.


Desert Survivor said...

Good luck with your bunny. Hopefully you have enough growing that some daily nibbling will still leave you plenty.

Anonymous said...

Does each yard in Rensselaer have bunnies? I think so. I even have cats, and that does not keep them away.