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Friday, July 23, 2010


I stopped by the Chamber of Commerce last week to see what was happening with their "Rock Rensselaer" fundraiser. So far 39 businesses or individuals have bought chairs and have decorated them or are in the process of decorating them. They will displayed in the local businesses for the next month and then on August 24, at the Tuesday evening Farmers' Market, any of the chairs donated back to the Chamber will be auctioned off.

I was reminded that I needed to post something on this when I visited the Prairie's Edge at the Fair a couple days ago. They had four of the chairs in front of their booth and posed for me. (They had their chair and those of Vision Ag, Auto Works, and the Chamber.)
By the way, Prairie's Edge seems to me to be one of the local businesses that uses Facebook effectively as a way of promoting themselves. They have over 900 friends.

I had started taking pictures of some of these chairs, like the Bomber chair at J&L Antiques and Things, but when I saw that the Chamber had a photo album of them on their Facebook page, and their pictures were much better than what I would get, I decided to stop and simply link to them.
Each of these chairs probably has an interesting story--why did they decide to decorate it as they did, and who did the work?

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