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Monday, August 2, 2010

Farmers' Market

Last week the first Tuesday night farmer's markets attracted people with a bouncy inflatable in addition to the usual assortment of vendors selling fruits, vegetables and miscellaneous other things.
One thing I noticed was the enormous blackberries. I have picked some wild blackberries, and they are tiny compared to these.
On Saturday I stopped by for the first time in several weeks and was impressed with how many vendors and shoppers were there despite the rain earlier that morning. One item that caught my attention was this strange-looking vegetable.

I had never seen eggplant like this before so I asked about it. The fellow selling it said that he thought he was buying regular eggplant and was rather startled when the plants began to produce these. I suppose that they can be used in whatever way that regular eggplant can be used. I have never had much luck growing eggplant, but since I do not know what you do with it, that has not bothered me much.

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