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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The local schools start tomorrow, but one aspect of the school year has been underway for several weeks--sports practices. A few days ago I saw the cross country teams running in the heat. Below are some of the gals.
And in the interest of fairness I have to show some of the guys.
It takes dedication to run in the heat and humidity of August.

Other signs of August: the cicadas are singing, the dew point has been up in the 70s, the corn is maturing, and days are getting shorter. Today is the last weekday for the LaRue pool--another summer swim season has flown past and I find it a bit depressing. However, one of my former colleagues thinks this is the best time of the year--she gets to go shopping for back-to-school reasons, and the kids will soon be out of the house.

Update: Last night at 10:00 the weather channel said the dew point was 78. It really was the humidity.

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