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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Small towns

I try to follow what is happening in the area small towns on blogs and Facebook. I am friends with Brook and Goodland, and am a fan of Morocco Times, Town of Morocco, Remington, Indiana, Wolcott Indiana, Wheatfield Indiana, and just about anything I can find in Rensselaer. There are two things that I found interesting enough to mention from these places in the past two weeks. The first is a series of comments about some old buildings in downtown Wolcott. I had a post on them a long while back, and the comments on the pictures provide some history of these buildings and the memories associated with them.

The second is a video from Remington, showing scenes from the 150th birthday party. It seems to epitomize small towns.

What other neighboring towns are on Facebook or have blogs?

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Anonymous said...

You have it right. You noticed and savored the people, the store fronts, the city firefighters and police, and the spirit of the day.