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Monday, August 9, 2010

Swamp milkweed

I found this flower in the ditch east of the high school football field, but it isabundant in lots of other ditches. I should have been able to identify it as a milkweed because of the flowers, but the leaves confused me. They are very narrow and do not look at all like milkweed leaves. But eventually I did figure out that it is swamp milkweed.
Here is a view from a distance. Does that look like milkweed?
It is a very pretty plant even if it is milkweed.

I was planning writing something about the Jasper Hospital Foundation's 5K and health fair on Saturday and also the antique appraisal that the library had on Saturday, but something more important came up that does not qualify as a Rensselaer adventure. If you attended any of them, how were they?

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