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Friday, October 15, 2010

At the farmers' market

I swung by the farmers' market last Saturday to see how it was doing. The number of vendors was down a bit, and one of the large ones, Gilmores, was not there. I was told they were done for the season. The Saturday markets will continue to the end of the month.
Across the street is an enlarged Halleck Park. The Lions Club planted the new trees and will try to improve this space. It is not a city park, but is owned by the county. What do you think they could do with this space? It is a pretty little area, but it is across the street from a much bigger park-like area, the court house lawn.
While I was at the farmers' market, I noticed five garbage trucks stopped at the light. Two others had passed through the intersection on the previous green light. This beats my previous record of four garbage trucks in one picture. I am sure the people who have jobs near this intersection can do much better than that.

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