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Friday, October 22, 2010


I missed the closing just as I missed the opening of Papa Bill's Pizza north of town. A couple weeks ago I drove by and noticed that it was empty. There is a for-rent sign on the door, and the pizza sign is gone.
It could be another restaurant--the equipment is all there. However, the location may not be very good--for most people, it is out of the way.
I did stop by J&L'sAntiques and Things a couple of hours before it closed on Sunday, October 10. It had stayed open a week longer than the owner planned and was surprisingly empty.
I asked what would happen to the merchandise that was left, and if I understood the owner correctly, he said that it was not his, but a supplier's. He was getting a commission on what was sold, and all that was left would be taken back by the supplier.

Below is area that held the antique part of the business. At one time the business also rented the next building to the northeast.
The furniture business was in the area that Dollar General used to occupy.
As of yesterday, most of this furniture was still in the store.


Frank said...

And the furniture portion was previously the Schult'z 5 & 10 cent store. And in the 1950s Murray's Department Store.

Anonymous said...

It would be lovely if any one of those kinds of stores would come back to our downtown in Rensselaer.