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Saturday, July 17, 2010


A post few days ago directed to news that J&L Antiques and Things was going out of business and having a liquidation sale. There is no missing the sign on the store.
A comment on the post said, "This is not true despite the sign out front. The store is simply getting rid of all the furniture in stock so another distributer can stock their furniture." I stopped by and asked what was happening and was told that the store was in fact closing after the inventory was sold.

It is kind of strange that they never changed their name to reflect their main business, which was furniture. A bit more than a year ago I had a post on their antique business which was in the building to the left of the building shown above. At that time the antique business had been shrunk because it originally had also been in the next building, which most recently hosted Gatherings and is now for sale. I wonder how many times walls have been knocked out and then put back in for these buildings. I think when Harvey's and before that Schultz's Department Stores were in this space, they used all of these buildings.

I was surprised to see that little of the space in what had been the antique section still had antiques. Most was new furniture.
They have a lot of couches and chairs to sell.
I did not see a sale sign on the knight in non-shining armor.
The building has been for sale for some time. I know that CDC was interested at one time in buying it, but I do not know if they are still interested. If nothing replaces J&L, it will leave a huge section of the downtown empty, the whole stretch from Tucker Realty to Lafayette National Bank.
"All Sales Final" says it all.

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Do they have good prices?