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Monday, October 4, 2010

End of the Line

The old Monon Railroad formed an X with the center of the X in Monon. One branch ran from Monon through Rensselaer to Chicago, and this part of the old Monon line seems to be completely intact. Another branch ran from Monon through Monticello to Indianapolis, and this branch now stops at Monticello. A third branch went south to Lafayette and continued to New Albany, and this branch now only goes a bit past Crawfordsville. A final branch ran north from Monon to Michigan City. Now it ends just north of Medaryville. In fact, if you are in Medaryville, it is only a short walk to the end of the line. which is shown below.
Looking to the south, you can see one of the reasons this bit of track is still in use.
Medaryville has a large elevator with the ability to fill grain cars.
Francesville also has a large elevator, and it stands astride the rails.
I do not know if there is anything else along these tracks that would provide the railroad with business. My guess is that the whistle of the train is a rather infrequent occurrence in both Francesville and Medaryville.

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