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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roof roof

I noticed workers putting a new roof on the baseball building at SJC and felt compelled to take a picture.
The workers have been there for several weeks. They began by putting metal roofs on the dugout before they moved to the main building.
Baseball at SJC is its own little world. The baseball players are more into their sport than just about any other athletes. Maybe basketball competes with them on that, but few other do.

Roof repairs were also underway at Halleck Center. That roof was damaged by a storm this summer. There was supposed to be a crane on campus to lift the roofing supplies, but I missed it.
It is hard to see what the guys are doing up there.
Saint Joes is getting ready for Homecoming this weekend. And I was a bit too optimistic in my commentary about crab apple trees. All the trees that the students planted along the walk were crabs. Whoever does the landscaping has a real thing for crab apple trees.

Another roofing job is underway at the Building Trades house on Vine.
Since I missed the Halleck Center crane but I do have a picture of the crane that lifted the trusses for this house into place, I figured I should include it.

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Anonymous said...

Here's to tree diversity! If there is a crab apple disease outbreak, all the trees could be lost at once.