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Monday, September 27, 2010

Trees come and go--Updated

This past summer the tree removal crew was busy at SJC. Here there are taking down an ash tree near Halleck Center. It was an ash tree, but I think it was an imported species. It might have been one of Fr. Rueve's trees--he planted a wide variety of trees on campus.
The sweet gums south of the Post Office were taken out sometime in the early summer or late spring.
I was disappointed to see the apple tree next to Gallagher missing. Most of the apple trees on campus have been cut down this year, but this one had the best apples of any of the trees on campus. The three that are left have disappointing apples.
However, the grounds crew was also planting trees this summer. Here are holes ready to be filled
with what appears to be crab apple trees. If you have heard rumors that there is a plan to replace all the trees on campus with crab apple trees, I can assure you that it is wrong. I found a few new trees on the other side of the pond that were not crab apple trees.
On Friday there were marking stakes along the sidewalk from the bowling alley to the campus, and it looks like they will be planting some more trees.
If this is for trees, will they be crab apple and decorative pear trees, or will they be something more interesting?

Update: This afternoon I happened to find the tree planters in action. They use this machine to drill the holes.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were not putting in more crab apples. There were some Japanese maples and magnolias, some large locust trees, and some things I did not recognize.

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