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Monday, November 22, 2010

More odds and ends

This morning the downtown light-pole Christmas wreaths were set out, ready to be installed.

For much of the morning, crews from a couple of trucks hoisted them up and affixed them to the poles.
In my last post I mentioned some business changes, and this morning I noticed a few more. The old Sears Building, now the Town Mall, has a bunch of empty offices, including one next to Cutting Edge that was most recently Heavenly Touch Message. NWIIS has moved to the Midway Electronics building on North McKinley, and the office it had in the front of the building will soon be occupied by Hearing Care Professionals, which currently has an interior office in the Town Mall. Also along Van Rensselaer Street, in a window next to Janet's Kitchen, there is a sign for Tension Tamer, which sounds like another message therapy place.

Out on Drexel Parkway, workers were finishing up an addition to the Wabash Valley Hospital Outpatient Services building.


RoadRunner1117 said...

Thanks for all the updates! Just an FYI - Tension Tamer is a therapeutic massage place that has been in that location for years. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, seeing the wreaths go up is a very happy signal to this season. I think I should phone the electric department to thank them. They, the department and the wreaths, are great. Also, the skaters and deer are going up in Milroy Park as I type.